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Goodbye Netflix! SA Telecom Service Provider Discontinues Netflix Offering

Philip Aladino




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SA telecom provider Telkom removes Netflix from video service

South Africa’s telecommunication provider Telkom SA SOC Limited has since the start of October discontinued the offering of Netflix Inc in it’s video service from its phone and internet set-top box.

Telkom’s SA SOC Limited Wanda Mkhize announced that the the company’s deal with the streaming company Netflix has come to an end halting all the terms and agreement regarding the alignment together. According to Wanda Mkhize, the deal will not be undergoing any renewal however the for this was never mentioned.

“Our current partnership with Netflix has unfortunately come to an end…. While customers will no longer have access to Netflix on the Telkom set-top box from 1 October 2021, they will still be able to access other OTT services on their STB.”

– Wanda Mkhize

The partnership between both company’s began back in 2018, indicating the video-on-demand company’s first of such agreement with a South African telephone company. Netflix produced local content such as “Queen Sono” and “Blood and Water” during the time of the partnership.

With Telkom cutting the chain of this deal, the company guaranteed its customers on the network that new partnerships with new content types will be made available soon.

“We have exciting new and refreshed content partnerships for our valued customers which will be announced in due course,” she added.

Wanda Mkhize

Meanwhile, subscribers of the Telkom network responded amid rising conjecture upon the announcement, resulting to series of complaints from subscribers who claimed they only bought Telkom’s set-top box because of Netflix.

“I bought these Telkom LIT devices with certain capability of which now they can no longer deliver. to add it up, it was not even communicated to me, neither by Telkom nor Netflix, and my debit order went through. I feel robbed.”

– Siyazi Wanjali (Customer)

Telkom spokesperson furthermore, related to the customers who purchased a Telkom LIT box in the past 6 months that they will be compensated with a voucher value of R1000.

This comes with a huge conjecture as customers were trying to discern the reason for the partnership ending wether Netflix terminated the partnership as a result of its partnership with MultiChoice Group Limited, Africa’s largest pay-TV provider.

MultiChoice DStv Partners With Netflix and Amazon Inc.

MultiChoice had earlier signed deals with Netflix and Inc. to offer their streaming services through its new decoder. Africa is a small market for paid video streaming, with just a few million customers out of a population of more than 1 billion, and the streaming giants have pinpointed it for future growth.

The US company also appointed its first African board member, Zimbabwean media tycoon Strive Masiyiwa, in a bid to grow on the continent.

Netflix Inc. is really observing a post-pandemic refuse. This evolution is coming at a point the company is observing a decline in subscriber growth rate after the pandemic boom.

Technext reports Netflix recorded 15.8 million new customers during the lockdown, after the streaming company only managed just 3.98 million new sign-ups in the first quarter of 2021. The estimate of this analysis shows that it below the 6.25 million average projection of surveyed by Refinitiv.

Reuters reports Netflix shares also fell 11% at the time, wiping $25 billion off the company’s market capitalization. This was a massive decline following a 22% share rise in the 12 months prior To make up for this, the streaming giant looked to add customers outside of more physics markets such as the United States.

Netflix Inc. already offers its services in over 190 countries, not excluding Nigeria and South Africa and recently the company began offering a free mobile tier plan with some of its TV shows and movies in Kenya, another strategic way channeled at sparking in a new growth in a key African market.

Netflix Game Report

Netflix anounced its intentions to venture into gaming at the start of the year following this, the new games, will be primarily focus on mobile, and it will build on its earlier interactivity projects like Black Mirror Bandersnatch and Stranger Things games.


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