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Glo WTF Bundle: How To Power All Apps Using Psiphon Pro VPN

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GLO WTF Social Bundle - How To Power All Apps Via Psiphon Pro

We recently Publish a post about the New added Glo WTF social bundle plan which gives 500mb for N100, 200mb for N50 and 100mb for N25. Thus with the launch of this new plan from GLONg is was only meant for the access of social media. that is users cannot be able to use this plans outside any of the social media apps or website such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.  On the introduction of this said bundle from GLO  Nigeria, who stated that  the main aim (introduction) of the Glo WTF Social Bundle was targeted at giving users the opportunity to spend less for data, and at the same time letting the user stay up to date online via their social platforms.

After much reviews and tests we have brought to you the old very popular Psiphon Pro free vpn. with the aid of this vpn WTF bundle users will be able to power all their android applications, as well browse the internet with it. that is it to act as a power house, to know how this can be archived all you need do is to pay close attention and follow every bit of instructions and guidelines to be related on this article. 

The Psiphon Pro Vpn is a tunneling vpn which can be used to tweak Telecom internet settings and get free browsing from it. furthermore, it can also be use to change IP location  

Now without further ado, lets proceed to show you how yo can be able to browse the internet, as well as use all other applications present in your phone via the Psiphon Pro vpn and the Glo WTF social bundle. 

How To Use Psiphon Pro To Power All App Using Glo WTF Social Bundle Data

Note that the Psiphon pro doesn’t require any configuration settings, so it is quite easy and interesting to note about the Glo WTF Social Bundle has been incorporated into the Psiphon Pro all you need to do is to;

1.Click here to download and install the Psiphon Pro vpn

2. Upon downloading and installing the app, open the Psiphon Pro and hit the connect button, wait for about 40secs and it should be connected. 

3. Upon connecting, successfully, Minimize the App and  start surfing the internet using the Glo WTF Social Bundle data.

With the glo wtf social bundle data you can subscribe up to 5GB data for as low as N1000 on the glo wtf social bundle. By doing the N100 monthly glo wtf social bundle of 500 repeated for 10 times you thus accumulates 5GB. if can find out more about the Glo WTF social bundle here.

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