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In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!


how to get free N300 and upto N5000 on letschat


Here again is another free airtime given app where you get N300 and can accumulate up to 5k from it. You can get yours too if you adhere to the guidelines on this post. With the aid of the allocated airtime being given, you can purchase data bundles, make class or even transfer it to your loved once.

Now as we know it the Letschat APP is not a new app anymore as many of us are already Familiar with the app and thus because of the previous promo ran by the company months back. 

Nevertheless, getting free airtime or even data top up online are made possible by this platform and app that wants to  get the mainstream adoption, by so doing they promote their brands and in return, they reward users who helped in the process. This is one of those apps a new one seeking promotion. Hence you should utilize the promotion offer to obtain your own free airtime while it last.

This app is no longer new if compered to when it was new launched months back, with the app you can easily chat with friends and family as long as you have their mobile number on your device, you can equally invite your friends and earn free airtime top up.

 The only sideline about this app is that it is only do IJebu-ode users who reside in Lagos Nigeria, hence if you are a Nigerian and you reside there kindly follow the instructions below to get your free airtime of N300 and thus start accumulating as much up to N5,000.

Get Free N300 airtime and upto N5000 airtime on Letchat app

Please note this is a promo offer and thus I stipulated to last do a couple of days. Promo is expected to end on Wednesday.


  • Fake GPS’ app on which can be downloaded from here
  • Letschat app, click  here to download and install the app. (Neglect info about the location on the link)
  • A Sim from NG (MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9Mobile)


1 Open the fake GPS app which you must have downloaded from the link above,

2. Once opened, zoom in and locate Nigeria at left down corner, then Abeokuta around Lagos, 

3. Now Locate and put the cursor on ijebu ode city or you can zoom in and search for ijebu ode)

4. Then click play button at right down corner to start transmitting. As soon as it is connected, it start reading on your notification bar immediately)

-5. Now open the Letschat App and Sign up with your Phone number.

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6. After that, click on the first chat (letschat official by name) and type the following code Invite+08148483687

Note: Immediately you paste this Invite+08148483687 on the chat, it will prompt them to confirm your airtime so that it won’t be deducted later.

7. Now copy your invitation link and start inviting  your friends to use the app

8. After that wait for your airtime top up

Note: your friends too must follow the same due prices.


Note: that you will be rewarded faster if you invite your friends to download and install the app because the registration bonus has been discontinued.


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9. To invite people to the LETSCHAT APP, click on the friends button and share it to your friends and after that await your airtime. Its can take up to 24 hours for the free airtime to reflect on your sim card.

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Its not stipulated with the amount of airtime you get or can get per referral, hence its worth the trial because its possible to get as much as 5k from it

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