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Free Location Tracking Apps For Android

We have enlisted a list of apps to help you track down your smartphone when missing see the lists

Emmanuel Oyegbile




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

Keeping track of  your family and friends’ location can be a very important decision to make in keeping them safe. The security advantage cannot be over emphasized. There could be many other reasons why you would wish to know the location of a friend aside just security purpose alone via the use of a location tracking apps.

In this article, we’ve compiled a small list of android apps you can use to track the whereabouts of your friends or family member via GPS for free.


Glympse location tracking app

Glympse is quite a popular location app that supports sharing of GPS location with family and friends.
What distinguishes this app from other location apps is its ability to track a user without having to sign up or install the app on the other user’s phone. All that is needed is a web connection.
Another key feature of this app is its ability to turn off location sharing after a set period of time to avoid the security dangers of disclosing your whereabouts for a long period of time.

Download Glympse App from play store.

A-GPS Location App


A-GPS is location app developed and aimed mainly at people who spend time in remote zones such as walker, campers, hikers.
The maps in this app supports measurements of elevation, with longitude and latitude coordinates given in both UTM-WSG84 and degrees.

Download A-GPS from play store.

Family Locator

Family Locator Tracking app

If you happen to be a parent with sneaky kids, the family locator app is best for you. It has some interesting features that make it easy to track your kids’ location. It can be very useful in large gatherings where kids can easily wander off and get lost. You can set boundaries or zones where your kids are allowed to go and not, and if the boundaries are crossed, you as the parent get notified. You also get a notified when your kids get to their destination. The app has a built-in message system which allows you to contact the other user.

The only con about this app is that the app has to be installed on the other user’s phone in order to be able to keep track of the person.

Download Family Locator app from play store

Google Maps

Google Map

The Google maps app is great tool for tracking locations but is not always recommended option if your aim is to track someone without them knowing. It requires that you either have access to the other user’s phone or the targeted user share their location with you before it can be tracked.

To share location with family and friends on Google Maps:
– Firstly open the Google Maps application.
– Next, locate your profile picture in the upper-right corner and click on it.
– Select “Location Sharing” from the list of options available.
– In top corner, just below the option button, click the New Share icon
– Set a time frame for sharing your location or choose “Until you turn this off” to keep the sharing on till whenever you wish to turn it off.
– And lastly, select the people you want to share your location with.
Location tracking in not limited to mobile android apps alone. There are so many other ways to track someone’s location. Just make sure to always seek their permission before doing so.

Download Google Maps from play store.


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