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Facebook To Launch it’s First Smartwatch To Counter Apple Watch

Gabriel Ojeh




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Facebook To Launch it's First Snartwatch To Counter Apple Watch

Social platform giants Facebook is about to launch its own first in kind rival to Apple Watch – A report from an informed source with further reference to the subject matter stated that Facebook is working on new smart watches with “health and messaging” focus. 

According to the report, Facebook plans to start selling watches in 2022. This watch will allow you to send messages through Facebook services with close integration with the messenger app, along side the Facebook Messenger,  it will also  have a set of functions for health and fitness.

Furthermore, the expected smartwatch will be able to connect to services or devices for health and fitness, such as the platform and smart exercise equipment from Peloton Interactive.

In line with report, it is stated that the watch will be able to function without connecting it to a smartphone and will thus come with cellular support. The software platform will be an open-source version of Android. With regards to developing its own source version in the near future. 

The company plans on developing its own software platform for wearable devices and thus launch the second generation of watches come 2023.


In line with report, the Facebook smartwatch is expected to hit the stock market with a roll out price ranging $200. Furthermore reports as regard the launch date and more Features will be related in time.

Meanwhile, According to reports,  Facebook fights back against changes to Apples privacy- The company is testing a message push function to explain to Apple iOS users how Facebook uses their data to serve them personalized ads. 

As Apple’s iOS 14 is about to present some important privacy settings changes, one of which will prevent Facebook and other platforms from collecting data about Apple users for targeted advertising. Facebook didn’t take it so well as it recently reminded its investors that Apple’s adjustments to the user tracking feature “Identifier for Advertisers” (IDFA) may affect its business.

According to Facebook, the news push function that the company is currently working on will ask Apple iOS users whether they choose to agree to the platform to collect their data; rather than asking them whether they refuse to collect data. Developers predict that in fact, only about 10% – 30% of users will actually agree to the platform collecting their data. Furthermore without access to user data, advertisers will find it extremely difficult to target potential Apple users with personalized ads.

Although last minutes earnings went beyond expectations as Facebook’s stock price has been falling drastically. This is due to the fact that its investors are very much worried about Apple’s privacy changes that it will significantly affect Facebook’s future performance. 

Before now, some media reported that Apple’s latest software update will prompt users if they want to allow apps such as Facebook and others to keep track of their online activities.

Apple’s prompt will still hold the final say but still

Facebook claims that this privacy settings changes will limit the ability of small businesses to place targeted advertising on its platform.

 According to the latest blog post where Facebook once again stated…

“Apple’s new reminder information shows that it prohibits personalized advertising and privacy; but in fact, we can have both.”

Over the previous years, most conflicts between large companies on platform policy adjustments had nothing to do with consumers. However, by sending reminders to users, Facebook’s billions of users will be greatly affected as they will be into the company’s and Apple’s public policy struggle with changes to privacy settings.

Hence, irrespective of the choices to be made by users on Facebook’s prompt, Apple’s prompt selection remains the final choice still. Apple is directly responsible for the safety of it’s users data on its devices. Facebook is  merely an app and thus does not have the right to get users information if Apple says contrary. 

But note this, the companies have both been at loggerheads for quite a while now. from the latest events, the issues between these companies are not disappearing anytime soon.

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