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Facebook Employees Now Known As Metamates – Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is continues to advocate for Facebook’s rebranding as Meta employees now known as metamates

Philip Aladino



Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) at Meta says Employees are now Metamates

Mark Zuckerberg is continuing to advocate for Facebook’s rebranding as Meta by instilling the company’s new principles and aims in both workers and the general public, Zuckerberg is guaranteeing that everyone understands what Meta is.

According to Alex Heath, senior writer for The Verge, Zuckerberg discussed “the company’s revamped ideals” at a new all-hands meeting at Meta.

Heath stated that Zuckerberg is “explaining that they would not ‘nice ourselves to death and will henceforth be referred to as ‘Metamates.’

The new Meta values are shifting from “move quickly” to “move fast together,” from “be daring” to “create wonderful things,” and from “focus on long term impact” to “focus on long term impact.”

Additionally, “be open” is evolving into “live in the future,” while “be straightforward and respectful of your colleagues” becomes “be open.”

The most discussed is, however, the value: “Meta, metamates, and myself.”

“A slide depicts this sentence in all capitals in bold next to Zuck speaking. “I’m told Zuck stated this without laughing and clarified that it was about a narrative about ships and shipmates,” Heath posted on Twitter.

Boz, Meta’s chief technology officer, elaborated on the phrase “metamates” in a tweet in response to Heath’s thread.

“Fun fact: Douglas Hofstadter developed the term Metamates when an employee cold-emailed him for ideas after our rebrand. “I adore it!” Boz wrote.

Additionally, the slogan is a play on a Naval term that Instagram has been using for a while: “Ship, Shipmates, SelfHave your say in our news democracy,” he said.


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