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EC Tunnel VPN: How To Power All Apps On Glo WTF Bundle

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

Ec tunnel vpn pro for glo wtf social bundle

Few days ago, we shared a  post about the Glo WTF Bumdle, which gives its users 500MB for Just N100 and is valid for 30days and thus we went further to fill you in that its possible to accumulate this sub upto 5GB which will cost you N1k.

Again shortly after we published another post on how users can use this said WTF bundle to power all the apps on their phone as well as download on the internet through the aid of the  Psiphon PRO VPN, but it seems the vpn is in a way slow due to the reports we got from some of our users who tried it.

Well! Today we have decided to bring a much delightful alternative and and better app that can help you power all your apps as well as download unlimited from the internet with glo wtf bundle plan. What more, this new vpn is extremely fast, reliable and stable just like the Edoztunnel vpn. In all similarity it is much like the aforementioned vpn as it serves as a tunneling vpn as well as a free internet tweak vpn this vpn is known as EC Tunnel VPN and it is embedded with the GLO Nigeria WTF social bundle cheat to power all your apps. Thus using EC Tunnel VPN PRO and LITE. It’s very easy to use, very fast and blazing hot.

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As we all know, Glo WTF social data only works on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Tiktok and Twitter app or website. But with the aid of this EC Tunnel PRO VPN or EC Tunnel LITE VPN, you can power every apps on our phone using the Glo social WTF data

Without further introduction,  let’s dive into the main topic of this post. Interestingly, this cheat works on all Glo sims. It is not sim selective unlike that of Airtel 500MB social bundle cheat we know of.

Requirements For Using The WTF Bundle

  • An Android phone
  • Glo 3G or 4G sim
  • Default Glo APN Settings 
  • EC Tunnel PRO VPN which can be downloaded from Here.

How To Power All Your Apps Using EC Tunnel VPN 

1. You will have to download and Install the VPN app from the above link or you can still do that by clicking here.

2.Next, subscribe for GLO WTF social bundle you can click here to find out how to do just that.

3. Next, after subscribing open the EC Tunnel VPN then set it as follows: 

How to use Glo WTF bundle Via EC Tunnel VPN

Next, In Tweak list select GLO NG WTF Social Bundle as shown above.

Glo wtf bundle tunnelling via EC Tunnel VPN

In Server list, kindly select GLO NG WTF Server just like in the I mag above

That’s all. No stress right? Yes! Like I said its similar to the Edoztunnel VPN we normally use.


4. Finally, tap on Start to connect. It will connect immediately. 

Once connected,  minimize the vpn and start browsing, downloading and streaming on all apps.

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