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DSTV Now App (Mod): Stream DSTV Premium Channels For Free without Any Account Or Subscription

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

This post has been updated with the latest Dstv Now mod app configuration setting, with this new settings you can continue streaming and watching all Dstv premium channels free without any Dstv account or subscription hence as the previous configuration setting was blocked we decided to give you an update on the new working settings.
If you are new or existing user of our blog, you can benefit from the use of this new settings. 
In today’s updated article, we will be showing you another alternative way to stream DStv Channels on your mobile phone or tablet without any DSTV Subscription, this will be carried out via the latest Hacked DStv app as well as its updated configuration settings.
To some of us who have been following along lately, you must have enjoyed the previous method we shared on how to watch Dstv for free without any account or subscription, as well as how to stream thousands of local and on demand channels for free without paying  but In today’s article, I am going to show you another alternative to The VTV App and way you can stream all DSTV premium channels For free without any subscription. 
At the end of the article be it you are a new member here or have been An existing follower some time time back we shared a guide on how to watch DStv Channels on your mobile device which many individuals took advantage of and they enjoyed using it before it was blocked.
With this app, you will be able stream DStv as well as over 5000 other Channels for free this channels range from supersports, Africa magic and lots more.

Requirements For Setting Up The Hacked App
1. Android version 4.0 and above.
2. DStv Hacked app, click here to download the file.
3. Mac address and portal url that will be provided here
4. Active data Subscription on your line for smooth running of the app.
5. The configuration instructions that will be provided in this article
6. Your ability to read and follow guidelines that will be provided in this article accordingly.
How To Configure The Hacked DStv App For Streaming All Channels Free
In order to get the app up and running in no time, follow the instructions below strictly to avoid any problem during or after the activation process;
1. Click here to download and install the Hacked DStv app 
2.After the successful download, install and run the app and three options will be displayed.
3. Click on close which is the third option and the page will be closed.
4. Tap on The device screen and check the left top corner, click on the menu bar which is indicated by three white lines.
5. Click on change Portal data as shown in the picture above. Here change the profile name to and press back.

7. Click on STB Configuration and the options shown below will be displayed to you.
8.On the MAC-address section, change it to the new one that will be provided to you.
Note: Click here to get the new MAC-address, serial number and the portal url from our telegram channel and complete the step 8, 9 and 10 above.
Or here to get the alternative in case the upper Mac address settings doesn’t work for you.
9. Click on serial number and change it to the new one that will be provided to you as well.
10. Now press back and locate portal url, change it to the one that will given to you.
11. Once you’ve completed the above Configurations, go back to the app homepage and check the right top corner of the app.
12. Click on the three black dots at the top right corner and scroll down to locate the exit button.
13. Click on the button and the app will close. Remove it from the background running apps as well, after that relaunch the app again and wait for some seconds to load the channels.
14. Once it finishes loading, your app screen will look exactly as the screen below. Now make use of the up and down button on the screen to navigate either up or down.
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15. Navigate to Africa as shown in the picture below and click on OK.
At this juncture, all the channels will load, you can then explore and watch any of your favorite Channels without any interruption.
To explore more channels, tap on the screen and navigate left not right or Select reload portal from the option menu. Just find your way to the homepage channel list.
Now Select sports instead of Africa and for sports and you are good to go!
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Note that this post is updated regularly with the latest configuration setting for the Dstv hacked app so do well to return back from time to time.
Do like and share this article Thanks if you encounter any difficulty setting up the app do leave a comments down below of your experience and I will attend to them as soon as possible. 
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