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Developers If We Deleted Your Old Apps On The App Store It Deserved It -Apple

Message to developers: if your previous app was destroyed, it’s because we felt the need to do so.

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Apple App Store
Applications have been removed from the Apple App Store | Apple App store image illustration (Smarttehvillas)

It has been made clear by the corporation that old applications are removed if no new downloads can be found.

According to many developers, Apple has threatened to remove applications from the App Store that have not been updated in a “significant length of time.”This has since been addressed by the corporation, which issued a press statement implying that no one was really installing the applications.

The notice, which was issued Friday night, reads in part as follows:

It is possible that apps that have not been updated in the last three years and fail to meet a minimum download threshold (meaning the app has not been downloaded at all or extremely few times during a rolling 12-month period) will be removed from the App Store as part of Apple’s App Store Improvements process. Developers who have such apps will be notified via email.

Developers like Robert Kabwe and Emilia Lazer-Walker have already reported receiving such letters and voiced their dismay that they had 30 days to alter their products or they would be deleted from the app store. The regulations and the length of time developers were given to make modifications were unfair to independent developers, according to other developers on Twitter.


They were also concerned about Apple’s decision to remove an entire class of applications from its store because it believes they don’t belong there. It was Lazer-belief Walker’s belief that games may still be useful even if they are no longer in use, and that they should be allowed to be ended. In a similar vein, Kabwe noted that console games from the 2000s are still available for purchase.


This is akin to the iTunes Store removing movies since they show up with black bars on current televisions, which is why Apple has removed these applications from the store (though I do understand that interpreting a video signal is less complicated than running code).

Occasionally, a piece of software is deemed complete. In spite of what the rest of the world thinks, sometimes the applications are done and shipped, and that’s all there is to it.

Apple’s answer explains why it seemed to implement the guidelines inconsistently, as several developers reported. For example, a popular iPhone game called Pocket God, which hasn’t been updated in seven years, is still available on the App Store, according to one creator. Therefore, the company continues to exist due to its continued popularity.

The initial section of Apple’s article, in which it states it eliminates outdated applications to guarantee “user confidence in quality apps” and to enhance discoverability, security and privacy, and user experience, doesn’t seem to support this rationale at first glance. Increasing the number of downloads will only exacerbate the situation if the programme is troublesome due to its age.

What’s the harm in having an out-of-date app that no one wants to use?

As a result, the App Store is clogged up with applications that both developers and consumers have forgotten about. It’s not hard to imagine Apple deciding that deleting old, seemingly useless apps would be a good idea because it already has a hard time making it easy for people to find useful apps.

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Even while Apple’s article may come out as an insult to developers who are afraid of losing the work they have put in, the business is really reaching out a hand. If you get a notification from now on, or if you previously had one, you have 90 days instead of 30 to update your app before it is deleted, according to a blog post on the subject.

However, it does not allow applications to “exist as full things,” as Lazer-Walker called it, despite the fact that it should make it simpler for app creators to store their applications. Only finished products that are still attracting attention appear to interest Apple.

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