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Apple’s Launches New 10th Gen iPad, features an A14 Bionic processor, a USB-C connector, and more

Apple Launches New 10th Generation iPads with Amazing new specs

Philip Aladino



Apple 10th gen iPad

Apple launches new 10th gen iPad with amazing specs | Photo Credit: Apple (Smarttechvillas)

Apple has now confirmed the existence of the long-rumored 10th-generation iPad. Indeed, the iPad lineup was upgraded, but there was hardly any fanfare. Despite the uproar that the Apple Store’s unexpected closure has provoked, it remains true.

The new product departs significantly from the basic iPad of the previous year. For anyone interested in making the jump to iPads, this is an excellent starting point.

Basic Features Of the 10th-generation iPad

The new tablet has a 10.9-inch IPS LCD display that can reach 500 nits of brightness. In comparison to its predecessor, this year’s model is slimmer and has flatter sides. The Apple A14 Bionic chip in the tenth-generation iPad also features a Hexa-Core processor. The GPU is built using a four-core design. Last but not least, a 16-core Neural Engine has been developed to improve AI performance.

Surprisingly, the new iPad (10th generation) complies with the forthcoming standards of the EU’s universal port standard. That’s right—it ditches Apple’s Lightning connector in favour of a USB Type-C input. That’s a general trend, as more and more Apple gadgets adopt the new standard. The iPhone 15 series will arrive in 2019 with the new USB Type-C ports. The Apple Pencil 1 is now fully supported, which is noteworthy.

Expanded Features To Note

The Pencil, however, requires a Lightning port, so a USB-C to Lightning adaptor is required. Thankfully, the 10th-generation iPad comes with its own camera.

Nonetheless, Apple sells them for only $9. Sure, that’s a lot of money to pay for such a trivial piece of jewellery, especially considering that you can find similar options at other retailers.


Now let’s talk about the models available for the connectivity section. Both 64 and 256 GB storage options are available for the new iPad. Additionally, you can decide between Wi-Fi-only and 5G variants. The latter are noteworthy for Wi-Fi users since they usher in the newer, more rapid Wi-Fi 6 standard. The iPad also features Touch ID on the side and dual speakers.

The iPad 10th generation has a 12 megapixel Ultrawide camera on the front for improved selfies. It is situated on the iPad’s landscape edge. To that end, it will be updated to take advantage of all the new glitzy features introduced in iPad OS 16 to further improve your video conversations.

Apple 10th gen iPad

10th gen iPad | Photo credit: Apple (Smarttechvillas)

The 10th-generation iPad is available in blue, pink, silver, and yellow. A pre-order option is now available for the gadget. On October 26, we will start sending out shipments. The 64 GB storage version of the new tablet begins at $449 (€579).

Although the previous year’s model is no longer available, Apple is still selling it for $329.  Apple’s recent trend of keeping the release of new iPads under wraps is apparently becoming more common. The Apple M2 is rumoured to be coming to new versions of the iPad Pro soon, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.