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Apple UK Now Undergoing Pre-opening Preparations For iPhone 15 Launch

Apple UK stores getting ready for iPhone 15 sales

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Apple uk store
Apple Store UK | (Smarttechvillas)


  • The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are merely slight enhancements over the previous year’s devices.
  • If you’re waiting for the iPhone 15, you may be wondering when it will be released.
  • The estimated release date for the upcoming iPhones, suggests September 15 to October 7, 2023.
  • Staff at the UK Apple Company in Milton Keynes received a note instructing them they can’t take time off between September 15 and October 7, 2023, or between December 2 and January 20, 2024.

The Apple Store in the United Kingdom has begun pre-opening preparations for the arrival of the iPhone 15.

Unfortunately, both the standard iPhone 14 and the Plus version of the iPhone 14 are only marginal improvements over last year’s models.

If you’ve opted to hold off until Apple releases the iPhone 15 instead, you may be wondering when to expect the new models to hit the market.

We regret that we are unable to provide a specific release date for the next iPhones, however, a recent estimate indicates that the devices could be made available to the public anywhere from September 15th to October 7th, 2023.

According to an initial report by MacRumors, employees at the UK Apple Store in Milton Keynes have received an internal memo from “above the store” telling them that they are not allowed to take time off between September 15 and October 7, 2023, or between December 2 and the beginning of January 20, 2024.

Apple has this goal because it wants to be better prepared for 2024’s “high velocity moments.”

Before a new product launch or the holiday season, Apple often informs its staff via an internal communication app that they are not allowed to take time off.

Even while we can’t be sure, we suspect that this new instruction from Apple’s upper echelons will affect all Apple stores. As an added bonus, it’s not like Apple just picked those dates at random.

The tech giant is probably getting ready ahead of schedule for the forthcoming iPhone unveiling.

Since all previous iPhones have been released in September, it stands to reason that Apple will do the same with the upcoming iteration.

Naturally, all we can do at this time is guess. There is still a full 12 months until Apple releases the iPhone 15, and a lot may happen in that time.

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