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Apple Removes More Accessories That Comes With it’s Devices

The company makes more money off of the sale of chargers separately

Ediomo Effiong




Apple continues to send out its devices with accessories |(Smarttechvillas)


  • Apple withdrew the iPhone charger from packaging for environmental reasons.
  • Today, Apple released its 4K Apple TV without a Siri remote charger.
  • Apple now sells the $59 Siri Remote’s charging wire separately on its website.
  • On Friday, November 4th, the new 4K TV will be available in the US and over 30 other countries for pre-order.

With each new product release over the past few years, Apple has been reducing the number of accessories that comes with it. It’s no secret that Apple is one of the most valuable brands out there. The firm enjoys the loyalty of its clientele. Now, it seems, Apple is attempting to cash in on that devotion.

Apple removed the iPhone charger from the packaging, citing concerns about the environment. The company, however, makes more money off of the sale of chargers separately. The brand new 4K Apple TV was released today.

A charging cable for the Siri remote is not included with the purchase of this TV. Users will have to shell out extra cash to do so. In older models, the Lightning cable that came with the Apple TV remote could be used to charge it.

The USB Type-C connector is utilised by the Siri Remote.

Apple siri remote

The new siri remote gets USB-C charging port | (Smarttechvillas)

A USB Type-C charging port is included in the new Siri Remote, which was announced today. This isn’t your average Lightning connector. However, a USB Type-C cable is not included with the new Apple TV 4K.

It’s also worth noting that Apple no longer bundles a charging cable with the $59 Siri Remote; it’s sold separately on its website.

Apple has just released a $19 braided USB Type-C cable that measures 1 metre in length. When the charger is not included, the iPhone still comes with a Lightning to USB Type-C cable.

It’s good to know that at least the device can be charged using a Mac or other device. In addition, Apple has discontinued the Siri Remote’s charging cable and dock.

The new 4K TV can be pre-ordered now and will be available in the United States and over 30 other countries on Friday, November 4th.

The A15 bionic chip, HDR10+ support, $129 starting price, up to 128GB of storage, fanless design, thinner and lighter body, and an updated Siri remote are the main new features.

It’s worth noting that in Brazil, the latest Apple TV 4K still comes with its own charging cable. In Brazil, you can buy an iPhone 12, 13, or 14 with a charger included.

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