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Apple iPhone 14 to Feature 2TB of Storage Variant

Philip Aladino




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

It’s still fresh to start talking about iPhone 14 as we’re still a year away from ever seeing a debute of the iPhone 14. While It’s not been a year since the launch of Apple’s new model iPhone 13, regardless of all the instigated rumors already circulating the air on what the tech giants has in stall for 2022; A more recent rumor speculates the upcoming ‌iPhone 14 to include a whopping 2TB storage option.

With the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro‌ Max, Apple included a massive 1TB storage variants for customers, the largest ever storage implementation on mobile devices offered on an iPhone.

The new storage was primarily implemented due to the new camera features, such as ProRes for videos launching later this year. Apple’s ProRes videos, in addition to 4K 60FPS videos shot on the ‌new iPhone‌, supposedly consumes quite a significant amount of storage than other regular videos.

Apple has marketed the ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ and Pro‌ Max as the ultimate tool for videographers and cinematographers, and the 1TB choice is inherently channelled towards the most professional users.

With the upcoming ‌iPhone 14‌ next year, Apple is apperently situating its attention on transcending its Pro model iPhones to an even more “Pro level” by offering a 2TB variant option.

Sketchy added a rumor from Chinese site MyDrivers, which should be looked upon with a high level amount of attention, claims that Apple will be adopting QLC flash storage for it’s coming year’s ‌iPhone‌ and with that coupled with the newer storage technology, it will increase capacity to 2TB.

Furthermore, recent reports published earlier this week from DigiTimes was the first to suggest Apple’s inclination to adopt a new set of storage technology for the coming year’s ‌iPhone‌ 14, though this report omitted the mention of a 2TB storage option in specific.

Apple doesn’t regularly offer implementation of new storage technology, and when it does, starting this year resulted to a new camera features with far more greater reasons to do so in mind.

Next year’s ‌iPhone 14‌ is expected to focus mainly on a completely new design to remove the notch instead of concentrating on camera upgrades. Nevertheless, it’s camera improvements is a most for the company on every new ‌iPhone‌. There’s no indication to speculate that the ‌iPhone 14‌ will expand camera capabilities to the extent that a new 2TB storage mechanism is practically warranted.


For the ‌iPhone 14‌ lineup, Apple plans two 6.1 and 6.7-inch variants models, stating the end of smaller 5.4-inch form factor, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who reported this. In addition, the company is also rumored to add a hole-punch design for Face ID rather than a notch and there is a possibility for the higher-end models to feature titanium bodies and a vapor chamber thermal system.

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