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Apple Inc Finned $100m In Brazil

A Brazilian judge ruled that Apple must include a charging cable with every new iPhone sold in the country.




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  • Apple’s iPhones stopped shipping chargers alongside products since September 2020.
  • For environmental reasons, the company removed the charger.
  • Apple lost its Sao Paulo charges lawsuit.
  • A Brazilian court ordered Apple to provide charging cables with all new iPhones.
  • Apple intends to appeal the ruling.

When it comes to smartphones, Apple is a pioneer. Almost certainly, the corporation will have at least one brand that mirrors its actions. Apple iPhones will no longer include a charger starting in September 2020.

The corporation claims it is eliminating the charger for the sake of the environment. Apple continues to be confident, even if many people don’t believe it. Regular iPhone buyers have had the package without a charger for two years now. This is the new normal in many areas, therefore the market will have to adapt. Nonetheless, that’s not the case in Brazil.

The court in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has decided against Apple in the charging case. There was a group of creditors, buyers, and taxpayers that filed the claim. A Brazilian judge has ruled that Apple must include a charging cable with every new iPhone sold in the country. The court also imposed a $100 million damage award against Apple. Apple, though, says it plans to challenge the verdict in court.

Apple says that if the charger is turned off, copper, tin, and zinc won’t have to be mined for no reason. Apple claims that by not including a plastic film in the iPhone mobile phone packaging, they were able to save around 600 tonnes of plastic in their most recent environmental report.

Removing the chargers is estimated to save 550,000 tonnes of copper, tin, and zinc ore annually.

Apple’s “environmental protection” pitch isn’t landing with everyone, and many customers aren’t buying it. A few customers have begged Apple to stop citing concerns about the environment as an explanation. Apple will work with universal standards if it is serious about protecting the environment.

Users have no choice but to pay for a charger if they do not have one. as a result of the separate power cord and data cable. Users are forced to pay the inflated retail price. Isn’t this the secret meaning of “leek cutting?”

However, the chargers are now sold in bundles rather than individually, but at a greater price. If it is really concerned about the environment, it will not seek to profit from the crisis.

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