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Apple Deletes VK Groups App and Developer Accounts From Appstore

VK Grroup iOS app deleted from Apple Applestore including developer account

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  • Apple has banned all iOS apps made by VK, the software firm behind Russia’s Facebook rival, VKontakte.
    A translation on the VK website ascertains the firm will “continue to produce and maintain iOS applications,” even though its apps are “forbidden by Apple.”
  • Due to these fines, Apple has revoked the developer accounts for these programmes, which are no longer accessible in any App Store globally.
  • The UK government imposed further sanctions on Russian billionaires in reaction to Russia’s recent false referendums in Ukraine.

In a worldwide move, Apple has deleted all iOS applications developed by VK, the software company responsible for Russia’s Facebook alternative, VKontakte.

A translation on the VK website says that the company would “continue to create and maintain iOS applications” although its apps “are forbidden by Apple.” Apple spokesperson Adam Dema verified the removal of VK’s applications and the termination of its developer accounts in response to an inquiry from Media Group.

Dema added that developers that are “primarily owned or majority managed by one or more groups sanctioned by the UK government” is distributing these programmes. Apple has removed the developer accounts for these applications, which are unavailable in any App Store worldwide due to these penalties. It’s OK to keep using these applications if you’ve already downloaded them.

The UK government enforced new sanctions on Russian oligarchs on Monday in response to recent fake referendums Russia conducted in areas of Ukraine. Twenty-three top-level employees at the Russian bank with connections to VK, Gazprombank, are subject to the penalties.

Apple Reasons for Removing VK Apps

As reported by RT, the Russian Ministry of Digital Affairs is looking into “the reasons for removing VK apps and developer accounts,” which shows the social relevance and widespread usage of the services offered by the Russian corporation. However, there is still access to the VK applications via the Google Play store.

Russia’s government has restricted access to several American social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, since Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year. Many people and some companies with ties to the Russian government have already been hit with deterrents from the United States and other nations. This includes Vladimir Kiriyenko, CEO of VK Group and a close confidant of Putin.

After Yandex, Russia’s answer to Google, VK is the country’s second-biggest internet corporation. Pavel Durov founded the social media company in 2006. However, he was forced to resign because he “refused to comply with the authorities.” He is presently in charge of the famous instant messenger service Telegram.

Removing VK’s applications from the App Store means that iPhone users can no longer use the app for the fifth most popular site in Russia and other VK apps, including, VK Music, and Youla classifieds. However, inline with a report from the Russian news agency Interfax, the business has warned that the applications may still function, but users may have problems with alerts and payments.

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Apple Deletes Most Extensive Social Network In Russia From The App Store

According to Tuesday’s report by Interfax, Russian billionaire Alexander Chachava of the Cayman Islands-based investment firm LETA Capital purchased VK’s gaming branch, My. Games, for $642 million. VK promoted it as a Russian alternative to Steam and Epic Games Store when sanctions prevented many digital games sales in the country, and its current management team will continue in that role.

Just weeks after sanctions blocked clients of Russian banks from using Google Pay and Apple Pay, Apple ceased selling its goods in the nation and rendered some Russian news apps unavailable everywhere but Russia.

VK’s applications used to take up a lot of real estate on the iPhone. A regulation that went into force in Russia last year mandated that all electronic gadgets sold in the nation come preloaded with software developed in Russia. Apple cooperated by including a screen during iPhone setup that listed applications available from Russian developers. As a result, several VK programmes were formed, including the social network, email client, and digital assistant.

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