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Android 13 Global Will Lets You Run Windows 11 On Phone

Google Pixel 6 running Windows 11

Philip Aladino



Google Publishes First Android 13 Developer Preview
Android 13

Google published the first preview of Android 13 prior to this week, and at the time, only developers were allowed to test out the next version of the green robot’s capabilities. At first appearance, the new operating system version appears to be a modest upgrade with just minimal modifications. However, developers discovered something fascinating..

Danny Lin, a Twitter user known as kdrag0n, demonstrated a Google Pixel 6 running Windows 11. According to the developer, Windows 11 is “useful,” but it lacks support for graphics processor hardware acceleration.

To demonstrate that the alternative method works, he shared a screenshot of the system’s resource use, including the burden on the CPU. Connect a keyboard to your smartphone if necessary to play the iconic Doom shooter.

Although this improvements is not shocking to many especially given the fact that Microsoft also made it possible in its latest operating system (Windows 11) to run Android designated apps.

Android 13 Global Will Lets You Run Windows 11 On Phone

Android 13 Global Will Lets You Run Windows 11 On Phone
Windows 11 on Android 13

Not only did the developer run Windows 11 on the Pixel 6, but also ran a variety of Linux versions, including Ubuntu and Arch Linux. In September, we’ll see how this will finally make its way into the stable version of Android 13.

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