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Android 12 Developer Preview 2 Rolls out for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

Philip Aladino




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While still awaiting the full release of Android 12 for all Pixel devices, Developer Preview 2 is rolling out for the OnePlus 9 series with a number of tweaks and tuning in tow.

No doubt, given how close the stable release could be, Android 12 Developer Preview 2 for OnePlus 9 series rolls out almost three months after the first build had to be re-issued due to problems that was observed in some devices.

The latest update was published on the official OnePlus Forums, with a number of fixes and tweaks for the OnePlus 9 owners willing to run Android 12 Developer Preview builds on their phone device. There are plenty of warnings as regards to this new update that users should not run this preview update on their main device to prevent device from crashing or prune to bugs.

On the announcement publication, OnePlus shared a brief changelog and improvement features for Android 12 Developer Preview 2 for OnePlus 9 series. It includes fixes and tweaks, however there are a still a few mentions of new features including new widgets and floating window enhancements.

below is a list of expected changelog for the OnePlus9 device should you decide to accept and install the new Android 12 developer preview 2:

Android 12 Developer Preview 2 for OnePlus 9/9 Pro update changelog

  • Optimized the auto-brightness algorithm to adapt screen brightness to more scenes for a comfortable screen reading experience
  • Optimized the mistouch prevention algorithm for curved screens to reduce accidental touches
  • Added widgets that show key information of apps and provide instant access to functions
  • Optimized the page layout and the presentation of text and color to make key information stand out
  • Convenience & efficiency
  • Added swiftly switch floated windows, make operation more convenient
  • Optimized the frame rate performance under heavy-used scenes for games
  • Camera function
  • Added the feature that supported customize the display order of camera mode
  • Optimized the zoom experience, make it zoom more smoothly
  • Performance
  • Added the form of chart to display battery usage
  • Newly supported pre-loading the apps that frequently used, to switch them on quickly
  • Improved the response speed of turning on or off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, and NFC

If you’re already running Android 12 Developer Preview 1 on your OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro, you should get an OTA prompt update for Preview 2 very soon. But you can still download and sideload the OTA files for your devices, though note that there is a 80% chance risk of bricking your phone if you try to load the wrong update file as there are separate builds for those in India and North America — denoted IN and NA respectively:

OnePlus 9

OnePlus 9 Pro

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