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All You Need To Know About INVISIBLY





In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

All You Need To Know About INVISIBLY

Invisibly – Earn Up To $100 Liking Posts And Answering Short Surveys

Today, I have decided to Show you, all you need to know ABOUT INVISIBLY, HOW IT WORKS and especially HOW TO MAKE MONEY on the platform. 

Invisibly is only available for the US citizens Alone, but the great news is that the individuals who reside in other countries can have access to the site too, and the detailed information on how to access the site outside the united states of America will be revealed to you before the end of this guide, for now, let see how it works and how to make money on the platform.


Invisibly is a platform that pays individuals for performing simple tasks like liking and reading news, taking short surveys online and lots More. The amazing part of this is that the minimum withdrawal is just $5 and as soon as you are able to accumulate up to $5 on the site, you will be able to withdraw directly to your PayPal account.

The platform is Founded by Jim McKelvey (cofounder, Square) and backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Invisibly is building a future where people have power over their data and attention.

In case you don’t have a valid PayPal account, A post will be made about how to create a working PayPal account, and after reading the guide, you will be able to create a PayPal account and use it to withdraw your earnings from invisibly.


 As invisibly pays you for sharing your personal information with them, so as they pay you for performing some simple task on the platform. Invisibly estimates that sharing all of your Internet browsing history, including your online purchases,

By giving access to your Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts would generate about 25 cents per platform, per month. Providing information on your banking and credit card accounts is expected to generate 75 cents monthly(it’s recommended not to provide your banking information for security purposes).

If you connect all of those accounts, and fill out a 48-question profile, you may earn as much as $5 monthly. However, the stated monthly payments are estimates, not guaranteed.
 Going through the detailed explanation above, you will agree with me that there’s no much to be earned on this platform, but you might be wrong as additional ways of making money on the platform has been added and this will give you the opportunity to eat. As much as possible on the platform. Without futher ado, let’s take a look at the three different ways with which you can make money on the platform.

Earn Taking Short Surveys On Invisibly

Taking short surveys is one of the way to make money on the platform, once you comply your registration, you will be provided with some profile surveys and be able to accumulate some points by answering this surveys.

However, it’s very important to answer the profile surveys very well cause, it’s not for Accumulating points alone, but will give you the opportunity to qualify for more surveys in the coming days.

Earn Liking Post On Invisibly

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, another way to accumulate free us dollar on the platform is by liking post and this is considered the simplest way to make money on the platform. You’re not required to answer any question nor provide any details, all required of you is to scroll through the post available on the platform and earn 1 point per post like.

Invisibly Referral Program

This is the last method that can be used to make money on the platform and it’s indeed the option that pays the highest point. Invisibly pays a whooping sum of 100 points for every individuals you referred to the platform and the 100 points is equivalent to $1, the more you refer, the more you earn.

How To Get Referral Bonus

However there is a condition to be fulfilled before you can earn the 100 points whenever you refer and individuals to the platform, and this condition is that, your referral must accumulate up to 250 points. Once someone register on the platform via your link and accumulate 250 points, both of you will be rewarded with 100 points for free

This implies that the Invisibly referral is a win win game and will take you closer to earning big on the platform on a monthly basis.

How To Refer Others To Invisibly

To refer others to the platform and make cool cash, all you have to do is to locate refer and earn, click in it and immediately you clicked on it, you will see a button to Copy your referral link, simply click on the copy button and share the link to the person you intend to refer to the platform.

Invisibly Registration

To register on the platform and start making money, simply click Here

to go to the Invisibly registration page, enter the required details and cross eto be sure that the details provided are correct. Click on the sign up button to complete your registration and start making money. You can check the video attached to this guide to watch the registration process live!

Hey! Don’t register yet if you’re not from the united states of America, simply follow the instructions below to register on invisibly outside the US

How to register on invisibly outside of the US

If you’re not from the united states of America, all you have to do is to get a valid and strong VPN, connect it to the united states of America and then go to the Invisibly registration page to complete your registration. You will be asked to provide your us number during the registration, provide it if you have and if not, just click on the skip this step button.

Invisibly withdrawal

To withdraw in the platform, is to click on the details button beside home button at the bottom of the site, you will be asked to connect a payment method, click on the connect button and provide your name and the PayPal email address, then click on the connect button.

Keep Accumulating till you reach the minimum withdrawal and once you’re able to reach the minimum withdrawal, you will be able to click on the cash out button and get the money in your provided PayPal account.

Invisibly Minimum withdrawal

The mini withdrawal in the platform if $5 which is equivalent to 500 points. Once you’re able to accumulate up to 500 points on the platform, you will be able to Cash out and get $5 sent to your PayPal account.


Can Invisibly block my account?

Yes! Your account will be blocked if it is inactive for 180 days, or if you violate the site’s terms and conditions, you will get kicked off the platform, the site can close your account and take your points away. You also lose your points, if you voluntarily pull your data and close your account

Is invisibly legit?

Yes! The platform is legit if you’re able to abide by the rules and regulations of the platform, accumulate up to 500 points or More and request for your payment via PayPal.

Conclusion: Invisibly as a platform pays for your data and for performing some activities on the platform, with the detailed information provided in this guide, I am sure that you should have fully understand how the platform works and especially how to accumulate more points and redeem it to your personal PayPal account. However if you have any question after reading this guide, so not hesitate to drop in in the comments section of this post and get appropriate response as soon as possible.

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