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We are a small team of talented people with a wide range of skills and experience working remotely in Nigeria and abroad. We love what we do, and we do it with passion and diligence. We look forward to working with you.

Philip Dino

CEO/Founder/Editorial Director

IT Professional, Graphic Designer, and Developer

Philip Dino is an all-time lover of technology products and Gadgets. He likes conducting research. His career as a blogger all started with Opera news.

Sukaina Gillani

SMM (Instagram)

Sukaina is based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and is a graduate of Air University.

Gabriel Joseph Michael

Gabriel Joseph Michael

Co-Founder/Partner/Editor in Chief Gabriel is the proud co-founder of SmarttechVillas. He joined the SmarttechVillas team in 2020. Most of his spare time is spent researching.

Osondu Nwakamma

Osondu Nwakamma

Finance Publisher

Osondu is a writer who joined SmarttechVillas to express his passion for writing. He is focused on fin-tech. He writes and publishes good technology and finance-based articles and content.

Ediomo Effiong

Ediomo Effiong

Senior News Reporter

Ediomo Effiong is a blogger at SmarttechVillas. His interests include technology and finance. He is diligent and committed to whatever he does.

Sammy dammy

Samuel Dammy

News Reporter

Samuel Dammy is all about doing what you love and loving what you’re doing, he has a general fantasy for all consumer technology and tries to bring enthusiasm to presenting tech and the things he’s passionate about.


Kenneth Miracle

Contributing Writer

Kenneth is a creative Writer, a Content Creator, he is also a proofreader skilled in any kind of writing work. He derives joy writing hence took up writing as a hobby.


Our mission at Smartcoretech is to conduct proper research on stories and topics and then generate articles from that research and updates with poise, elegance, and refinement.


We aspire to be identified and pointed out amongst our competitors as one of the best and most outstanding online editorial media.