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We’re looking for capable individuals to join our team of online content providers. At SmarttechVillas , we believe in dedicated teamwork to provide our audience with timely, accurate, educative, informative, and fun content.

If you have the potential, passion, and dedication to work online, providing information that assists, educates, and informs web users as well as the broader public, you would be wise to join our team.

The primary responsibility at SmarttechVillas is content editing and publication. Because SmarttechVillas is focused on technology, specifically smartphone technology, you should be comfortable and passionate about smartphone technologies, how-tos, gadget reviews, Android games and apps, and News Bulleting.

Additionally, the ability to follow instructions, collaborate with others, and build an awesome blogging profile for yourself. Because this is an online job, location should not be an issue.


  • A functioning laptop/PC
  • Smartphone

Qualities Of Applicants

  • Fluent in English speaking and writing
  • Knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization (In-page and off-page)
  • Canal Knowledge of CMS manipulation