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SmarttechVillas is a division of SmartcoreTech Media LLC an online information technology platform that serves well-researched information on new technologies, tweaks, mobile smartphones and gadgets, and tips. Because we place so much value on details, we pride ourselves on the miles that we go to bring you information that puts you on a pedestal of self-reliance. From reviews, configurations, and deployment of new technologies, to the best practices developed to protect you from the ever-increasing dangers of the internet, SmarttechVillas is your partner in progress. We are a NG based Liability limited company with governmental official registration No.41485716.

This is why we have removed every barrier on your way to acquiring ICT knowledge that sets you apart from the crowd and prepares you for the next level.

We deliver content on technologies from industry leaders like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google, etc., and walk with you, hand in hand, through your implementation plans.