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9 Hidden YouTube Features You Need To Know

We found these 9 hidden YouTube tricks and features you would want to know about

Samuel Damy



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YouTube is sometimes overlooked in discussions about the most widely used social media platforms in favor of Twitter and Facebook. The truth is that, next to Facebook, YouTube is the most popular internet platform in existence right now.

Each of us do visit  at least more than once to view a music video, pick up a new skill, or simply binge watch a favorite show. This enormous video-sharing website has a lot to offer.

In addition, YouTube contains a ton of fantastic features that you might not be aware of. You can improve your streaming experience by using the following advice. The 9 hidden YouTube features that everyone needs to know are listed below.

9 Hidden YouTube Features


1. Converting YouTube Video Into A GIF

If you don’t know, it’s simple to convert a YouTube video to a GIF. Follow these easy steps:

Input the word “GIF” after “YouTube” in the URL of the streaming video. For example, you could be watching a video of a hyena pack attacking a lion with the URL.

Type GIF in the URL like this: It will redirect to

  • You can select the beginning and ending points of the clip in the video on To see it play, click the green tick mark on the left side.
  • You can make use of the editing tools that are available, such as cropping, blurring, inverting, and padding. You can even add a caption.
  • After making your modifications, click Create GIF in the top right corner. Add a title and some tags.
  • Now, select Next, then copy the URL to post on social media.


2. The Picture-In-Picture Feature

You can use another app and keep watching a video thanks to this functionality. Assuming you want to make use of messenger, Picture-in-picture makes the YouTube video appear smaller and more mobile so that you can use messenger while it is still playing.

Go to Android settings >> Apps & notifications >> Advanced >> Special access >> Picture-in-picture, choose YouTube, and turn the switch on to enable this feature. Keep in mind that only YouTube Premium subscribers can access it.

3. Replay Video At A Specific Time

You may come across a hilarious part of a YouTube video that you wish to share with your friends. Say you’re watching a video that lasts an hour but the section you wish to share starts at 10 minutes and 13 seconds.

To do that, simply add &t=10m13s to the end of the URL. For instance,

4. Download Up To 500 Songs

The Smart download feature was just introduced on YouTube. You are able to download up to 500 songs to listen to offline or when you wish to conserve data.

YouTube selects the songs for you depending on your listening preferences. However, only subscribers to YouTube Premium can use the feature.

5. YouTube TV Mode

This feature, which is primarily designed for Smart TV users, gives you a larger viewing screen without necessarily going full screen.

Simply log in to your account at After that, enter the code displayed on screen to verify your account information. HD videos function best with the feature.

6. Keyboard Shortcuts To Fast Forward or Go Back

With the help of the arrow and letter keys, you may fast-forward or rewind a YouTube video. J and K will each forward and rewind a video by 10 seconds.

The same outcomes are produced with the arrow keys. On your phone, double-tap to forward or reverse, and swipe left or right to access the previous or following video.

7. Use Your Phone To Download Videos

YouTube videos can be downloaded for offline watching. All videos can be downloaded if you have a Premium subscription; however, just a few carefully chosen videos are available for free users.

Just select the desired quality after clicking on Download. You can find saved videos on the library tab.

8. Use The Dark Theme

The white YouTube screen is excessively bright at night. Fortunately, going dark is an option that is best for your eyes.

Navigate to settings on your app and slide the flip switch. On your computer, select the dark theme by clicking the three dots in the top right corner and turning it on

9. YouTube Video Captions

It’s not always possible to hear every word in a YouTube video. In this way, you can enable the captions. The video may occasionally be educational but be in a language you don’t understand. With YouTube caption it is all easy.

Above mentioned are the 9 hidden YouTube features. We hope you’ve learned at least something new.


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