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7 Things To Avoid In order To Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

 There are several mistakes taken by a lots of people which in the end  makes their phone batteries to become weak furthermore reduces its lifespan and discharge quickly. For your phone battery to last  longer, you need to abstain from some bad habits. 

To increase your smartphone’s battery life, you need to avoid some certain things outlined below.

1. Avoid Frequent charging of your smartphone:

Avoid frequent charging of your smartphone

frequently charging your  smartphone gradually weakening your phone battery in as much as we must charge our phones, try as much as possible to reduce how often and frequently you put your phone on charge. 

2. Avoid playing games with your phone while charging:

Avoid playing Games on Mobile while charging

A lot of people enjoy playing games while charging their smartphones, which is a very bad habit. You have to slow down playing games while charging your phone. The act of charging the phone and playing games drains your phone battery and also causes the phone to overheat as it using excessive energy which in turn is bad 

3. Stop using fast charging Cables and Chargers:

Avoid the use of fast charger and cables

Most people like using fast chargers and cables in order for their phones to charge very quickly, but not knowing that fast charger damages their phone batteries and also result to high temperature because it is in a long run and uses higher voltage. which in turn isn’t good for the battery, especially when your device doesn’t have have FAST CHARGE SUPPORT

4. Remove Third Party Apps From your Smartphone:

Avoid installation of Third party battery apps

Uninstall/ remove third party apps from your phone, you might think that it increases your battery duration, but the truth is that it doesn’t instead It increases the work load of your phone CPU , thus overloading it  and make your smartphone to consume more  power which will in turn drain your battery the  more. example  of such apps is Du battery and Battery Doctor.

5.   Stop Using your Phone While on charging:

Avoid using your phone while on charger

A lot of people do chat with their phones while charging it  especially i myself which is not good. Maybe, if you want to charge your phone turn off your mobile data in order not to receive any message, and after you have finished charging you can turn it back on and continue.

Furthermore,using your phone while charging it makes your smartphone to overheat and drains your phone battery and also slows down the charging process.

6. Avoid The Use of Cheap  or Inferior Charging Cables 

Avoid using cheap or Inferior Charging cables

This is something you must avoid so as to protect and prolong the life of your battery only use phone supported cables better and highly recommend factory manufactured and packaged cables that came with your device (follow come cables). 

7. Avoid The Use of Power Banks To Charge Your Smartphone

Avoid the use of Power Banks to charge your Smartphone

This is now a habit for all to use power to charge their smartphone devices whenever it’s low..but in real sense this is bad as it reduces the lifespan of your battery health as the smartphone will be receiving unsupported power circuit and this will thus cause the device to begin overheating hence avoid the use of Power Banks to charge your Smartphone. If you must use a power bank, it’s should be that with high capacity MAah from 20000-50000maah

That’s all. you just got the most 7 things that you do which thus reduces the lifespan of your smartphone battery which if you do well to avoid you will notice great changes in your smartphone battery life.

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