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Money Making: 7 Easiest Ways To Make Money in 2022

In this guide we are outlining best possible and easy methods of earning online remotely

Osondu Nwakamma




How to make money

Money making

Making money in 2022 can actually be easier than expected, it might have been looking difficult as a result of not being privy to the right information on how to make money the right way.

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Making money in 2022 will start becoming easy if you can read this article to the end and practice the steps to make money that I will be sharing with you in this article you can also check out some business blogs like AtlanticRide to gain insights that can help you.

Some time ago, I was in a state of depression as a result of not being able to get my bills including getting my debts serviced until I came across this money making secrets I am about to share with you, I was able to service my debts and my bills are being taken care of.

All you need to do in order to learn these steps I’m about sharing with you is patiently read to the end and pay attention to every detail because each word carries value and will help you sort your financial issues just like it does mine.

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10 Ways To Make Money In 2022

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Freelancing
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Blogging
  6. Dropshipping
  7. Logo Designing

1. YouTube

A lot of people have been making thousands and millions of dollars on YouTube so making money on YouTube is not a mirage.

Yes YouTube is a website where you watch all kinds of videos ranging from sports, entertainment, comedy, etc but it is actually beyond just a video viewing website because Google uses the videos uploaded on YouTube to advertise for people which helps them pay the owners of the videos uploaded to YouTube.

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A given percentage of whatever revenue Google generates from advertising on a video is paid to the owner or uploader of the video if the channel in which the video is posted has been monetized.

To start earning on YouTube, you have to create a channel on YouTube and start uploading videos to the channel.

To monetize your YouTube channel, it has to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the period of one year, so create your channel and start getting paid by YouTube directly to your bank account.

2. Facebook

Facebook has gone beyond being a microblogging website used just for chatting and posting pictures, a lot of people are actually making money on Facebook through their pages.

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You can actually be cashing out thousands of dollars on Facebook while others are busy having fun on the microblogging website.

Ways To Make Money On Facebook

  • Monetizing Videos
  • Selling Products

Monetizing Videos

You can actually make money through posting videos on Facebook. All you have to do is create a page on Facebook and start posting unique videos, when your page’s followers get to 10,000 and your page’s videos record a minimum of 600,000 watch minutes within 2 months, you will be eligible to monetize your Facebook page and Facebook will start placing and on your videos and pay you per view of you video.

2. Selling Products

You can actually make thousands of dollars selling products to the large number of Facebook users and to fast track the sales of your products on Facebook it is advised to run ads through your Facebook page, this will help reach a wide range of audience and potential buyers.

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3. Freelancing

Freelancing involves writing for people and getting paid. This is actually a gold mine, you can make a fortune writing for people.

A lot freelancers are living big just by freelancing because they are getting well paid. You can be getting freelancing jobs online from sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc and get well paid.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is a method of making money through which you get a link from a brand, invite people to patronize the brand using your link and get paid a given percentage of whatever your invite pays for the brand’s product by the brand.

For instance, you get an affiliate link from Hotforex, invite people to trade forex with Hotforex from, Hotforex will pay you a given percentage of whatever your invite trades with.

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This has really made many people millionaires despite its simplicity, you to can start referring people to popular brand and making good money from it.

5. Blogging

Just like this website, a blog is a website where you go to get valuable information and solutions to certain issues.

Blogging can actually earn you so much money if you patiently do it the right way, in this case mentorship is advised.

A blog can be created on two different platforms namely

  • Blogger
  • WordPress


Blogger is a blogging platform owned by Google and creating a blog here is absolutely free although its monetization opportunities are limited.

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A blogger blog is easy to create, all you need to do is go to, log in with your gmail account, create your blog and choose your theme and template, you are good to go.

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WordPress is a platform for building different kinds of websites and blog and it comes with a lot of monetization opportunities.

To have a WordPress website, you have to buy a custom domain and a hosting plan which will help put your website on the internet space.

And install WordPress from your cpanel sent to you buy your hosting company upon the successful purchase of your hosting and domain.

6. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another you can make so much money in 2022. Here you don’t need to have a product, all you have to do is get a product’s source, advertise the product at your own price, when you get an order you can deliver the product to your customer or allow the product’s source/owner to deliver the product and you get your money after the product has been paid for. Here all you do is just to advertise a product adding your own price to the original price, the price you will add to the original price is your profit.

It is very easy to do, start meeting products owners, advertise their products with an added price, with the item is ordered through you, it gets delivered and paid for, you keep your profit.

7. Logo Design

A lot of people have become financially free through designing logos for clients and getting well paid.

You can get logo design jobs on Fiverr and get well paid for it.

Canva can help you design a good logo with ease.

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