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6 Best Android Apps For Turning Photos Into Paintings

Samuel Damy




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!


Would you like to find out the best software for transforming images into drawing? Or on the other hand would you like to know how to change an image into a painting using your phone?

I carefully selected these best photo editing applications list on Play Store.

A large number of these apps were created using AI-powered technology. Smartphone applications have developed so intelligent as a result of Artificial Intelligence technology that they can recognize items in an image and instantly make appropriate adjustments to them, such as altering the background, adding art filters, erasing objects, and so on.

Best apps for converting photos into paintings

There are many great photo editing applications available, but which ones can convert your Images into paintings. Well, we’ve discovered best 6 apps to do that for you!

Wthout-exception these apps has their own different special features and abilities. Some are better than others at imitating specific painting techniques. However, they will all give your images a lovely, artistic appearance.

1. Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor

Prisma, an AI-powered picture editing tool, transforms photographs into paintings with a wide range of stunning color palettes with real-life painting design. It was released as a free mobile app in June 2016. When the Prisma picture editing software was created, it spread like fire on social media.

Numerous social media users use the Prisma application to turn there photo or selfies into one-of-a-kind masterpieces with the use of it AI-generated artwork. They use it as their cover photo on their social media or even profile picture to showcase their art to others.

Every day, Prisma introduces a new art filter, allowing you to add a distinct creative artwork to your photos. After you’ve applied an art style to your image, you may adjust it by tweaking the brightness, saturation, blending and other art style.

You can download Prisma app from Google Play Store – Download Here

2. Painnt Pro Art Filters

Painnt pro Art Filters is also another excellent application for converting images into paintings on your device. It also, employs neural networks and also uses Artificial Intelligence to impart creative effects to an image so as also Prisma app does.

Within the app, there are over 1000 picture filters in various categories like nature, present day, sketch, mosaic and so other filters. You may likewise save any selected filter of yours to your favourite so you can allow access it anytime you need the filter effect.

There are lot of art filters which are at one’s fingertips in the sketch category to transform your images into line drawings. In addition, several free to use filters are accessible in the classic area to transform your images into a watercolor painting. And you can also discover a variety of photo tools to improve the results on your photo.

To activate premium filters and erase watermarks from your photos, you must become a pro member to use the feature. You can download Painnt – Pro Art Filters from Play Store – Download Here

3. Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is one of the top app for turning images into artworks. Its like other picture filter applications, which includes a large choice of art filters, the most of which are free to use.

Out of the 100+ art filters accessible in the free edition, the app includes more than 50 well known artists. By clicking the menu button in the upper right corner of the matching photo filters, you can also see the artist’s name and the year it was created.

It’s simple to convert a photo into a drawing, oil painting or piece of art, using Deep Art Effects. After launching the Deep Art Effect app, choose an image from your Gallery or take a photo. And then select a picture filter to be applied on your image in less than a few second your filter will be applied to your photo.

Despite the fact that this app is free to use, you must become a premium user in order to access some features such as exporting your photos in high resolution, erasing watermark accessing all premium filters, adverts and other premium features.

You can download Deep Art Effects from Play Store – Download Here

4. Art Filter Photo Editor

Art filter photo editor is also one of the top Apps for turning your photos in artworks with free effects such as sketching, painting e.t.c

It additionally offers image filter that can make your photos appear like artworks and you can also customize your editing to make it look unique.

It is also similar to other art effect editors discussed previously, adds a little watermark to the bottom of your art works. It also offers a limited selection of picture filters for transforming images into artworks. You may remove these restrictions by subscribing to the premium version.

You can download Art filter photo editor from Play Store – Download Here


Vinci is also one of the top excellent artistic picture editing app for transforming images into paintings without the interruption of irritating advertisements. It offers an easy-to-use interface and a number of predefined templates of renowned fine art works.

One of the app distinctive feature is that, in addition to transforming the entire image into a work of art, it allows you to apply painting effects to the background of your image or the photo portrait.

Prior to applying artworks your photos, Vinci also permits you to crop your picture into a square or other ratio, as well as turn it in various directions. After changing your photos into artwork, you may also adjust the degree of the effect. Just like others, you can also subscribe to enjoy the premium version

You can download Vinci from Play Store – Download Here

6. Varnist – Photo Art Effects

Varnist – Photo Art Effects is also one of the best editing app for transforming photographs into paintings on your smartphone. It has numerous editing functions such as merging art styles, background change, adding text on photos, stickers and so on.

Almost all art styles are available in Varnist, which allows you to quickly transform your photos into numerous painting styles.

In addition, the app offers speedier photo processing and distinctive art effects. You may change the artwork intensity after modifying you photo. Swiping right or left on the screen will enhance or decrease the art intensity of your artwork.

You may publish your painting on social media or copy a share link directly from the app after transforming your image into a painting. The nicest aspect about Varnist is that you can save your artwork without a watermark.

You can subscribe to premium to enjoy all premium effect and other features.

You can download Varnist – Photo Art Effects from Play Store – Download Here


Nearly all this apps on this list have photo filters that may be used to transform your portrait or other photos into hand-painted artworks, colored drawings or pencil art.

So just download any of the apps and select your best artwork preference to add to your photos with quality effects!


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