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6 Amazing Smart Gadgets You Probably Didn’t Know Of Their Existence.

Gabriel Ojeh



6 Smart Gadgets You Probably Didn’t Know Of Their Existence Until Today.

For some of us its possible we my have not heard or seen any of this six gadgets on the menu before but after today, i believe we must have gotten a gleams of how the devices look like and not just that, we must have become aware of its existence and functionality.

 Below are the list of some cool amazing gadgets you probably didn’t know of.

As we know it, gadgets are small tools or machines that comes handy and thus having a specific cool function. 

Interestingly, there are are obviously some few but amazing handy gadgets you will find in this article and one of the is the;

1. Sonogram Belt

This cool gadget is a blessing hence with it, the pregnant women will be able to get a gleam view of the baby inside the womb. This will help the mothers know about the growth, activities reaction and movement of the baby. All these can be experienced before the baby is even born. Thus, it comes with an electronic preVue device which is attached to the bump with a soft bandage and produce the view of the baby .

2. Another amazing gadgets out there today is the Brain Stimulator

This small but elegant gadget is for people having immense stressful life. As though the gadget named Thync with the help of it electric impulse helps to relieve stress obtained from the long hours of work or anxiety of life, thus has different levels of relaxation like Deep Relax, Zen, Deep Sleep, Bliss and, Motivation.

3. The Extractor Pump Kit

This handy device can help you suck out  poisons as a result of a bee, snake, wasp, mosquito, or spider bites. The device helps to decrease the level of poison. 

4.Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask

This LED mask comes with 2 different lights. The blue light helps to fight the bacteria and red light helps to reduce the inflammation present on surface of skin.  suggestions state the daily use this mask for 10 minutes for a duration of 30days.

5. Anti-Insomnia Mask

This is thus the best gadget for people who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, thus gets distracted by external stimuli while they fall asleep.

This cool gadget mask has small LEDs which gives glowing light resembling sunset rays and changes to soft blue glow when you are awake. .

6. The Cicret Bracelet

With amazing cool stylish bracelet you can turn the suppose bracelet into a wearable tablet on the arm. The Cicret bracelet contains mini-projectors and sensors that will help smartphones to project on your arm. One can carry all the actions on the arms without reaching for your phone.

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