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17 Great New Features On Android 12

Philip Aladino




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

Best Features of Android 12

After series of beta testing we now have Google’s Android 12 with us with quite a significant amount of changes as well as tweaks, and design materials to capture a person’s attention.

Notably, We’ve taken quite a significant amount of time to couple together some of the top features amongst all of them. In this guide we will be showing 17 of the most exclusive features of Android 12. Without wasting much time let’s dive right into it.

Features of Android 12

Best Features To Look Out In Android 12

  1. One-handed mode

Google waited until the launch of it’s Android 12 to roll out a dedicated one-handed mode in AOSP. However, considering the way it has been inculcated over the years owes a significant amount to Apple’s iOS.

Though it’s not possible to use one-handed mode unless you turn on and use gesture navigation.

  1. Quick tap
Quite tap feature

Another exlclusive feature is the Quick Tap function which was rolled out with Android 12, Notably this new gesture feature allows you to double-tap the back of your Pixel or any android device in order to execute some system functions such as activating the flashlight, activating the Google Assistant, taking screenshots, or launching an app.

You need to enable this feature from your device accessibility section, it’s a wonderful implemented way to access common parts of Android device without the need to unlock it.

  1. Microphone/camera access dots

This is new feature on Android 12 is a quick notifier that an app or service has recently gained access to a hardware function.

Sliding down the notification pane and then tapping the icon enlighten you more just which app has initiated that feature.

  1. Game Dashboard
Google Looks to Fix the Game crashing wallpaper Bug in Android 12 With Android 12L Roll out
Integration for game enhancement

Android 12 also spots a feature for mobile gamers which presents a dedicated Game dashboard integrated straight into Do Not Disturb mode. This new integration presents a floating pop-up menu with a few extra layer features and controls to enhance your mobile gaming experience.

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It further allows you to screen record, get frame rate indicators and silence all incoming calls amd text when in gaming mode.

  1. Picture-in-picture mode enhanced/tuning

Google’s latest Android OS also presents some enhancements to the picture-in-picture mode, which enriches the usability and experience.

The new playback windows now do away with sharp corners with what could be considered a more “pill-shaped” player.

However, there is also a newly added feature to “stash” any playing video in order not to clog the UI part. This symbolizes that background playback will not affect anything you’re currently doing. When you dismiss or close a playing window, the animation envelops the player and it snaps or “pops” out of view.

6. Verified links.

Android 12 no longer shows “Open with” when a link which is suppose to promt up the opening of an app.

Verified links

The method of opening an app from an instigated URL has been made much easier with “Verified link”

The new feature just promtp itself automatically and aerodynamic your day-to-day UI experience. TO toggle the behaviour of verified link simply head into the Settings app then accessibility.

  1. Link/image sharing from Recents menu

A newly integrated quick-select option visible in the Recent apps Screen now allows yoh to quickly copy web page links and images on any web pages or in apps experience.

Do note! When viewing the Recents section, web pages will include a “link” icon or an “image” icon when tapped presents a color-coordinated website link that can be copied or shared directly.

However, you can also choose to drag the link icon to a recent contact or into a “more” option, which will launch the wider Share pane.

When tapping the “image” icon a similar menu will launch but this will include “Lens” and “Save” options. Similarly, dragging downwards opens up three recent contacts or apps with the ability to drag into a “more” option which also launches a wider Share Sheet.

  1. Face control auto-rotate

The new feature enabled ensures that your phone is in the right orientation at all times it is an enhancement to android auto-rotate. The feature uses the selfie camera to orientate in concurrence with the accelerometer for an even more accurate auto-rotate than when it was previously using the accelerometer alone on prior versions.

  1. Scrolling screenshots

This is another unique feature that gives you the ability to take automated scrolling screenshots of your entire page screen instead of manually scrolling your screen all by yourself and taken the screenshots section after section.

Just take a screenshot and if the app or screen can be expanded, you will be presented with a “Capture more” switch at the bottom-left preview pop-up. Though it’s not yet comparable with the Chrome browser.

  1. Universal Device Search

This expanded search allows you to find contacts, messages, email, and apps given that you are using the default launcher on Pixel phones. Thr feature is much visible in the pixel model device Provided you use the Pixel Launcher as your default home screen, when accessing the app drawer there seem to an expanded Universal device search option within Android 12.

  1. Extra dim

“Extra dim” allows you to quickly dim the brightness of your screen with just a single tap whenever you are in a dark eveiroment. You can customize the projection level or brightness of your display to a preset level of your choosing with a single button press.

  1. Approximate or precise location controls

Privacy is one of the core tenets of the Android 12 update, and this means a number of new features are coming to your smartphone including the ability to give apps and services access to “approximate” or “precise” location data.

This includes a new pop-up with a new animation to indicate the inherent differences when apps request your location. For apps that only require a locale or region data, this is a great way to conceal or protect your location without losing access to in-app features or functions.

Other Added Features On Android 12

  1. New pop-up Power menu
  2. Added Photo Editor on Share Sheet
  3. Adaptive charging tweaks

Adaptive charging helps to slow down the charging speed of your device immiditaly it reaches a peak From 80 to 100% optimum and also helps to reduce the wear and tear on your Pixel internal battery for pixel users. This charging feature comes in hand when you place your device on charge over the night.

  1. Face controls in Android Accessibility Suite
  2. Added On/off labels in Quick Settings

What is your take on our list of compiled newly added features to see in Android 12? Let us know what your favorite featurs is down in the comments box below.

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