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10 Things You Can’t Say on Tiktok That Will Get You Banned

Samuel Damy




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

Tiktok might give off an impression of being a free speech platform, but there are a few things you can’t say in your tiktoks, comment section, or private messages.

These are extremely delicate words that will get you in steaming hot water assuming you use them. Some of them might amaze you with guilt-free they are.

Censorship has been an immense issue on Tiktok for a really long time, and it isn’t restricted to politics issues or racism. A few terms are consequently screened to generate warnings or account limits.

Meanwhile a few terms used on TikTok might bring about your TikTok account being banned, and certain unofficial forbidden words might restrict the amount of people who may view your Tiktok videos.

To stay away from limitations, most content creators on TikTok frequently makes use of asterisks or emojis to conceal profane terms like f**k, or s@x, etc.

What number of violations are expected to be banned from TikTok?

Tiktok will just issue you one warning, the second warning will bring about an impermanent or long-lasting suspension. More information on content infringement and bans might be viewed as here.

Notwithstanding, to ban a TikTok account by means of the report tools, you simply need 5 to 6 individuals to report the account, and TikTok will investigate it. This doesn’t, nonetheless, guarantee account cancellation or permanently banned.

9 Surprising Tiktok Things You Can’t Say

Now that you’re mindful of them, we should take a gander at 9 things you can’t say on TikTok to try not to use the terms in your, videos, comments and, surprisingly private discussions.

I’ll update this post with the rundown as I get more, so bookmark this page for future reference.

1. Sharing Information That Endangers Public Safety

If you have any desire to utilize TikTok, you should stay away from posting content on the application that prompts or supports any forms of violence activity. TikTok will end your account if you advocate for, or urge others to commit brutality .

2. Cigarette (s)

Albeit that the seller implies that “smokers are liable to die young” this is generally accurate — a great number of people actually smoke these days. Notwithstanding, TikTok doesn’t appreciate it when you take mention of the word on their site.

3. Indecent Phrase (Curse)

Tiktok doesn’t permit the utilization of curse words or the trading of indecent terms between two users, since this would bring about violation notice take note.

Despite the fact that swear words are automatically censored by default, you might adjust them in the options.

4. Dead

TikTok, because of reasons well known to them, doesn’t permit you to mention the term dead on its site. We understand that it is neither a fun word nor a foul term.

5. Pissed

We don’t have any idea why, yet you’ll likely cause problems for stating this.

6. Ammunitions (Weapons)

This ought to shock no one; Tiktok, to protect its users, forbids the utilization of any type of weapons or ammo during conversations. You will very likely face violation if you do such.

7. Any term alluding to sexual reproductive organs

This is a rundown of logical word used to depict human reproductive organs. Surprisingly, you might avoid getting penalized by utilizing the slang form of this term.

Some of these terms incorporate dick, vagina, etc, which might be used in various settings at times, however addressing them in slang is ideal.

8. Thick/Thicc

Thick, which signifies “weight,” has been prohibited, most likely because to the replacement of the letter “k” for “c,” resulting in Thicc, which means “opposite of the first word.”

Because of this minor change, the terms thick and Thicc have been prohibited, hence you should caution while using these words.

9. Bean

Bean is a term used by unpleasant guys and youngster custodians/abusers to describe a clit (usually on a minor/adolescent young girl). Cannabis seeds is another name for it.

Having bean or anything like it on your Tiktok record or video might bring about your account or video being accounted for.

10. Hole

TikTok has blacklisted this harmless term, in all likelihood since it might likewise be utilized to depict specific segments of the human body, despite its numerous other uses.

That’s all. You now know which TikTok terms are prohibited in comment sections and private conversations.

It’s rather amusing because most people may be using these terms without realizing they’ve been banned or violated. Nonetheless, I’m delighted you’re aware now, and you should avoid using these terms on Tiktok.

How to Get Tiktok Unbanned

Best way for your TikTok account from getting terminated is to follow the rules and the guidelines and refrain from posting inappropriate content and take note of the above words.

You can file an appeal with TikTok by following the link in the permanent ban email. More information on TikTok account security may be found here.


We’ve encountered several startling items or words you can’t say on TikTok, some of which aren’t actually prohibited yet but can result in a infringement warning or limits on your video audience.

In the interim, certain limitations are beneficial since they help control and keep a protected discussing and streaming climate for all age group.

Hope you found this post useful. Staying glued to this words will prevent your TikTok from getting restricted or getting permanent ban.


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